“Jesus of the Bible” Journeys to Cuba

Jesus of the Bible Journey's to Cuba- the king is coming

From L. to R.- Jerry (Executive pastor at WPM) Vernon Brewer, Dr. Ed Hindson, Julia (Accountant for WPM)

Just this morning, Dr. Ed Hindson and some of the staff at World Prophetic Ministry and The King is Coming Telecast presented Vernon Brewer, President and Chief Executive Officer of World Help, with a check for $8,000- entirely donated by the generous supporters of World Prophetic Ministry. This check is the amount needed to fund the transporting of an entire shipping container of office furniture, chairs, file cabinets, and other items so desperately needed by the house churches in Cuba.
“This is a historic day because it is the first time World Help has been able to ship a container directly from the United States to Cuba. Thank you so much for investing in the lives of these Cuban church leaders and church planters who are taking the gospel to this Island Nation.”
-Vernon Brewer
Jesus of th Bible Journey's to Cuba- The King Is Coming

Vernon Brewer and Dr. Hindson stand in front of the shipping container.

Earlier this fall, members of World Prophetic Ministry went to Cuba with Vernon to assess the need and to see how we could be involved. Our team was told to keep expectations low, after all, things had been moving slowly in Cuba for a long time. But God opened up doors on that trip! It was in Cuba that Jesus of the Bible: Operation Cuba really came alive! (Jesus of the Bible: Operation Cuba provides Bibles and resource materials to the Cuban people so they may know the love of Christ and experience the fullness of God- Ephesians 3:19)
“We’re looking forward to going to Cuba in person in the future and using the courses that have been translated into Spanish, thanks to the help of our generous donors.”
-Ed Hindson


Jesus of the Bible Journeys to Cuba- the King is Coming

The World Help Office

We are excited to join World Help, a ministry that has had a presence in Cuba for many years, to deliver the needs to so many people.
Vernon shared the story of how their involvement in Cuba began.
Twenty-five years ago, he was in Moscow, along with some ministry partners, including a current member of the World Prophetic Ministry team. While there, they went to the Cuban embassy and asked if they could print Spanish Bibles in Russia and ship them to Cuba. They left with a “yes,” and a dream of getting the gospel into Cuba.
Weeks later, the Russian economy crumbled and their support of Cuba was withdrawn, sending the tiny island nation into a financial crisis, but Vernon decided to go to Cuba anyways.
Vernon and teams from World Help have journeyed to Cuba nearly every year since then, helping the Cuban people.
“It was difficult and it was expensive, and sometimes nothing was happening, but I just kept going back to help them. Finally about three years ago we started training church planters and supporting them and now we have 250 church planters that have planted 2,000 churches in Cuba. It all started at the Cuban Embassy in Moscow, but fast forward 25 years and it’s a harvest time in Cuba. God is using World Prophetic Ministry and World Help  to make it happen.”


Jesus of the Bible Journeys to cuba- the king is coming

Jesus of the Bible sets and office furniture headed for Cuba!

The container is set to ship by the end of this year and we know it will be a blessing to the believers in Cuba. But we are not finished! The church in Cuba is growing and they need resources! We have our Jesus of the Bible resource set, which includes a 12 lesson series on the life of Christ taught on location in Israel- complete with a  full color book, DVD, Teachers Guide, Student Notes, and Quiz Booklet-all in Spanish! We want to get it into the hands of the church planters in Cuba!
As you join us in celebrating the gift of this container, we ask that you would prayerfully consider make a donation to Jesus of the Bible: Operation Cuba. We want to get these resources there as soon as possible and we need your help! Please consider giving however the Lord may lead and continue to be in prayer for the spread of God’s Word across the nation of Cuba.




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