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Can There Be Peace In The Middle East


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Product Description

With all of the chaos happening around the world, it’s understandable that most people have a few questions.

“How much time do you think we have left here on earth?’

“What is going on in the Middle East?

“Will the constant struggle ever end?”

In times of great uncertainty, most people search for something to cling to that is steadfast and true. In his book, Can There Be Peace in the Middle East? Dr. Ed Hindson addresses the questions so many are asking while assuring readers- God is the solid rock we can stand upon.

Split into four distinct sections, this quick read begins by answering some of the hard questions;

“When is Jesus coming back?”

“How do we respond to what is happening around the world?”

“Will there ever be peace?”

Dr. Hindson then covers topics such as:

  1. The return of Israel back to the Promised Land and its effect on the world. How is it that a single nation could withstand so much turmoil and still be standing? Dr. Hindson explores exactly what the Bible says about the chosen people and their land and what that reveals about his character and love for us.
  2. The rise of Islam and the movement’s journey from its patriarchal roots to modern times.
  3. The revolt of Satan himself, his role in what is happening today, and how we are to respond.

As Dr. Hindson deftly navigates each of these heavy topics, he always manages to point the reader back to the peace that is found in Christ Jesus.

Can There Be Peace in the Middle East ends with a series of Biblical prayers, thanking the Lord for his presence and asking him to heal the hurting and to make his face shine upon his people.

Whether you’re a seeker or a prayer warrior, this book will push you deeper into the Word of God and help you begin to engage in what is happening in our world today.


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