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End-Times Wars


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The Bible predicts that the End-Times will be full of wars and conflict. As we look at the world today and the current conflict in the Middle East, it’s easy to wonder, “Are the End-Times near?”

In End-Times Wars, Dr. Ed Hindson walks through what the Bible says about the coming conflict and what will happen in the days leading up to the future’s major wars.

This four part study covers:

The Battle for Jerusalem

The Coming Islamic Caliphate

The Battle of Gog and Magog

The Battle of Armageddon

While Dr. Hindson encourages readers to be knowledgeable about the wars to come, and calls on them to be prepared, he also reminds them that the message of the Bible is ultimately one of hope, not destruction. Though the Bible clearly tells us what will go wrong in the future, it also reminds us that God is in control and He has not forsaken His people. “Prophecy is not written to scare us. Prophecy is written to prepare us.”

Join Dr. Hindson in End-Times Wars as he takes readers through Biblical prophecies and learn about what will happen before those wars even begin.


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