San Bernardino County Terrorist Attacks Reveal Connection to ISIS & Plans of Bigger Attacks

Radical Islamic terror struck the United States very close to our longtime television studio on December 2 as the radicalized American born Syed Rizwan Farook and his Pakistani born wife Tashfeen Malik, brazenly attacked what was labeled as a training event and “holiday party” for workers of the San Bernardino County Department of Public Health. Tragically, 14 people were killed and 21 people were wounded in what authorities are considering a terrorist attack. This attack took place six miles from the television studio where The King Is Coming Telecast was filmed for over 20 years, and only one mile from the hotel where I stayed whenever I was recording at our studio in California! This attack has indeed brought the menace of terrorism very near to us here at World Prophetic Ministry. Authorities have been able to determine a timeline of events that reveals the callous, premeditated, nature of this attack. In the early morning hours of Wednesday December 2, Farook and his wife, dropped off their 6 month old daughter with relatives, claiming they had a doctor’s appointment. Farook worked as a San Bernardino County health inspector.

One comment on “San Bernardino County Terrorist Attacks Reveal Connection to ISIS & Plans of Bigger Attacks

  1. Precious E. Rye-Green

    Dr Hanson, this is Precious RyeGreen. You might remember me because I attended the last live taping of The King is Coming that you did last year before you moved and I had Bella my service animal with me. Anyways, my family was supposed to have an appointment at that Clinic on that day in December but, they did not take my grandsons insurance so he never went to that clinic. Praise the Lord for protecting my family from harm. I guess it is all that good seed I have planted in your ministry over the years. I am praying for your ministry at this time as I do not have cash funds to give. But you know I still love your ministry and watch you when I can find you on TV. Love in Jesus name, Precious E. RyeGreen and Bella Rye-Green

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