Devastating Earthquake Rocks South Asia


On Monday, October 26, a devastating earthquake measuring 7.5 in magnitude hit the Afghani province of Badakhshan in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Tremors were felt across Afghanistan and into the neighboring countries of Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and even China.

Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s chief executive has announced that telecommunications have been disrupted across the country and that this earthquake is the strongest the country has felt in decades.

Geologists have expressed concern about possible aftershocks. The Hindu Kush region has experienced a heavy rainy season and disruption of rock and the already soft soil could cause extensive landslides and even greater damage.

The quake, which was felt all the way to New Delhi in India caused buildings to crumble and although the initial death toll was around 45, it has risen into the hundreds in just a matter of hours. In the Takhar province, 12 girls were killed, not by the earthquake, but by a stampede of people escaping the shaking buildings. Authorities have just begun the relief and rescue attempts, so the impact of the earthquake remains to be seen.

This disaster has been a wakeup call in regards to the lack of sturdy infrastructure and proper disaster relief procedures in the more rural parts of South Asia. Afghan and Pakistani officials are hoping to bring some changes that will prevent future disaster fallout.

This earthquake falls a mere seven months after the massive earthquake that shook Nepal and resulted in a death toll in the thousands. Months later, Nepal is still in the midst of a humanitarian crisis. With the earthquake in Afghanistan, there is a concern that aftershocks and tremors could set off more earthquakes throughout South Asia and possibly hit Nepal again.

Will South Asia be able to take another hit? Afghani Earthquake

As the earth in South Asia continues to shake, the oceans around the Americas are being hit by a tough hurricane season. Cities in South Carolina are still dealing with the aftermath of the recent flooding. On the other side of the spectrum, California is continuing to fight the impact of the long running drought and the recent mudslides and forest fires. There has been a devastating earthquake in some part of the world every year for the last 10 or so years, including a devastating magnitude 7.6 earthquake that killed nearly 75,000 people 10 years ago in Kashmir.

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Does any of that sound familiar?Signs of the Times - The King Is Coming

Was Jesus talking about the events of today?

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