Isis Training Children Fighters

child fighter

In a sickening development, it has been recently reported by several news agencies that ISIS is now training children to fight as assassins in their ever-widening religious war. This shocking information was made public recently as part of a new propaganda video released by the terror group. The 15-minute propaganda video, entitled “The Generation of the Epic Battles” is accompanied by a soundtrack of hypnotic music and concludes with the children; boys from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, burning their passports. The video was recorded at a camp in the terror group’s stronghold of Hasakeh, northeastern Syria.

The video begins by referring to the boys as sons of terror group’s caliphate (A caliphate is the idea of a single world-wide government that is proposed by some Muslims). The video then offers footage of the children quoting the Koran and urging ISIS supporters to move to the “land of Islam,” insisting “our path is jihad.” Under the watchful eye of adult terrorists, the children step forward and fire their weapons; including AK 47 rifles and semiautomatic pistols. The rifles are nearly the same size as some of the children, yet frighteningly they are able to handle them with ease and skill demonstrating the serious training that ISIS has invested in these children. The children then are ISIS Training Child Fighters shown throwing their passports on the ground at which point one of the adult terrorists sets the passports on fire.

Shockingly, the use of children as agents of terrorism seems to be a growing trend with ISIS. This video was released only two days after a similar video released by ISIS’s propaganda wing in an attempt to lure French nationals to its territory, entitled “In the Footsteps of My Father” which shows two French speaking boys training with weapons and being given an education in the group’s fanatical interpretation of Islam. Equally disturbing is another ISIS video in which six children who appear no older than eight are each given a balaclava (face mask) and a handgun and sent off into the maze of a ruined castle in Syria to find, and kill, prisoners, who have their hands bound behind their backs, wait silently to be executed by the child assassins. All six boys are shown killing a captive in the disturbing video.

Sadly the Bible indicates that humanity – without a saving relationship with Jesus – is readily debased enough to carry out such actions as training children to become murderous terrorists. The war on terrorism is an ongoing conflict for our world. The bad news is it is not going to end – at least not anytime soon. The Bible teaches that this is a struggle that stems from the deep seated tensions that can be traced back to Isaac and Ishmael – almost 4,000 years ago! The situation will never end with peace until the peace of Christ reigns. To do that we must proclaim the Gospel to all the nations of the world, we must speak out against the evils and irresponsibility we see all around us, and we must encourage other believers to do the same. We have been commissioned by Christ Himself to make a difference in this world until He calls us home.


Pray that the children being exploited as agents of terror by ISIS would be rescued out of that situation. Pray also that the civilized nations of the world would recoil in horror at this latest development and recognize ISIS for the world wide threat they are. Above all, pray for Christ to reveal Himself to those mislead by the propaganda of ISIS.

Who is Omar al-Shishani

Omar al-Shishani
Omar al-ShishaniIn an attempt to counteract Islamic State’s hold on the region, a US-led coalition of anti-IS groups has been carrying out airstrikes all over Syria. The most recent was carried out near the town of Shaddadi and was targeting ISIS military chief Omar al-Shishani.
Formally known as Tarkhan Batirashvili, the Georgian is commonly called “Omar the Chechen,” and ISIS’ “minister of war.”
According to records, Omar al-Shishani was born in a large village in Georgia in 1986. In 2006, he became a member of the Georgian armed forces. He was an active rifleman and sergeant until he was diagnosed with tuberculosis in 2010 and discharged from the armed services. From there he hit rough times, landing himself in prison for the illegal purchase of weapons until he was released once again due to his bad health. Hoping for a new life, Omar left Georgia for Turkey and eventually Syria where he would become a leader of the Chechen jihadists in the fight against the Syrian government.
Those who know him call him a good man, claiming that he and other Chechen fighters went to Syria “for the sake of Allah to help oppressed people there and to protect their rights.” (BBC News)
Today al-Shishani is considered one of the top military leaders in the fight against the Syrian government. Under his leadership, major Syrian military bases around Aleppo (Syria’s largest City) have been attacked and captured, causing the US government to place Shishani on the list of Specially Designated Global Terrorists, a framework that was created shortly after the attacks on 9/11. Al-Shishani currently leads what is described as Islamic State’s Special Forces.
After the airstrike on March 4th, US officials announced that Omar al-Shishani might have been killed in the attack. However, since then, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights announced that he had been taken to the Syrian city of Raqqa for treatment. Though badly wounded, it appears that al-Shishani might still be alive.
This begs the question of whether or not the pro-Syrian Government forces tactics are working. A recent inquiry has been made by several humanitarian groups as to whether the civilian lives lost in these anti-IS airstrikes is worth it. Since they started, nearly 35,000 bombs have been dropped in Syria and Iraq causing incredible damages.
Join us in praying for the innocent people who remain in Syria. Pray for their safety and that they would come to know the grace and peace of Jesus Christ. Pray for the government and military officials who are fighting against ISIS. Pray that they will have great wisdom as they fight the evil that is stretching its way across the Middle East.

Do you want to know more about what the Bible says will happen in the Middle East? As Dr. Hindson says, “Bible Prophecy is not written to scare us, but to prepare us.” The more informed we are, the better we can pray for our world and share the truth of God’s Word. Check out our resource page for some incredible books on what the Bible says about the End Times.

The King is Coming Podcast- San Bernardino and Syria

San Bernardino- the king is coming
San Bernardino- the king is comingDr. Hindson recently recorded in our studio at the World Prophetic Ministry to talk about a couple of recent news developments as they relate to the Middle East and ultimately Biblical Prophecy. Those events are the recent shooting in San Bernardino and the continuing conflict in Syria.
Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor at World Prophetic Ministry sat down with Dr. Hindson to discuss what he thought about the recent tragedy in San Bernardino.
“What gets me is the location. For over 40 years, The King is Coming was located in Colton, just down the road from where this took place. I have stayed there probably 50 times and when I’m watching the news I know exactly where that is. Dense, highly populated area. What it said to me is this could happen anywhere, we have to be ready at any time. “
Dr. Hindson believes that events like these show the enormous difference between Christian theology and Muslim Ideology.
“God didn’t orchestrate it. That’s the one fundamental error in Islamic teaching, that you can use force to spread your religion. This was just two people. It was evident they intended to continue this mayhem. The idea in terrorism is to strike as many unrelated places as possible to scare people into accommodating what you want in your agenda. There’s no concern for human life. The idea is our cause is greater than your safety.”
When Dr. Edwards asked Dr. Hindson how we as both believers and Americans can respond to events like these and the ones in Syria, Dr. Hindson reminded us that we have to stick to our convictions while doing our best to spread the gospel message.
“There is not a warm personal understanding of a God of grace who cares about people everywhere. That doesn’t exist in the Islamic world and politically correct America doesn’t get that. You can’t just join hands and sing Kumbaya and think the whole world is going to get along. They are incapable of that in a fallen and depraved state without the power and regeneration of the Holy Spirit. Only in Jesus, the prince of peace, will there ever be real peace. We have to continue to proclaim the gospel, we have to continue to interact with the culture, we have to continue to be vigilant and cautious and realize we are living in a fallen world. We don’t have any guarantees this side of the rapture.”
To hear more of the conversation with Dr. Hindson, check out our podcast page or subscribe to The King is Coming podcast on Itunes!

Putin Says Turkey Will Regret Their Actions

Putin says turkey will regret their actions

Putin says turkey will regret their actionsOn November 24th, a Russian warplane flying over Syria was shot down by Turkish F-16s. Today, Russian president Vladimir Putin has announced that Turkey will regret their actions.

The news of the crash came less than a month after the downing of a Russian airplane in Sinai by members of IS.

Russia has been sending warplanes into Syria for some time now, hoping to target jihadist militants from Islamic State. They are vocal allies of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad while Turkey claims to be against him.

The flight was shot down after Turkish officials warned the pilots 10 times that they were headed into Turkish airspace and asked to turn around. The requests were apparently ignored. The plane went down in the Jabal Turkmen area of the Syrian province of Latakia, an area of major conflict between the Syrian government and rebel groups.

Russia immediately suspending charter flights to and from Turkey, a move that is expected to greatly impact Turkey’s tourism industry. There has also been talk of limiting food imports from Turkey.

Nato (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) representatives have announced, “We stand in solidarity with Turkey and support the territorial integrity of our Nato ally.” Meanwhile, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has refused to apologize, stating that “everyone should respect the right of Turkey to defend its borders.”

President Putin does not agree. In his state of the nation address, Putin stated, “This was a stab in the back by the accomplices of terrorists. If anyone thinks Russia’s reaction will be limited to trade sanctions, they are deeply mistaken. We will remind them again what they did-they will regret it.” He went on to accuse the Turkish government of harboring IS militants. “We know who in Turkey is stuffing his pockets and letting the terrorists prosper.” Putin even went on record to state that the US, Turkey’s ally in the coalition against IS, had been given prior knowledge of the Russian warplane’s route and could have stopped the tragedy. US officials have claimed this is not the case.End-Times Wars

As we hear these statements and we see the news, it can be hard to know what is true. However, as believers, we do not need to be afraid! We serve a God who knows exactly what is going on and has had a plan since the beginning of time.

In his book, End-Times Wars, Dr. Hindson takes a look at what the Bible says about the wars to come. With all the turmoil around the world it is clear that we are heading towards the End-Times, and the Bible has a whole lot to say about the specific events of today.

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