ISIS Uses “drink-can” Bomb to Bring Down Russian Jet

Russian Jet- the king is coming

Russian Jet- the king is comingIn a further escalation of their demonic terror campaign, ISIS has claimed responsibility for bringing down a Russian jet over the Sinai Peninsula. The plane was making a routine flight from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia. According to ISIS claims they used a bomb hidden in a can of pineapple juice to bring down the plane killing all 224 people on board. As with the Paris attacks, ISIS claimed the downing of the Russian jet was in retaliation for Russia’s role in air strikes against the terror group, and other groups, in Syria. This attack represents a major escalation of the reach of ISIS as it is quite possibly the most catastrophic international attack ISIS has carried out. As such, the international community must begin to show serious concern about the potential of ISIS to carry out even more devastating attacks in the future.  The international implications of this event, as with the horrific attacks in Paris, must cause all nations to reassess the threat of ISIS. As the Associated Press has noted, the recent upsurge in attacks suggests that

ISIS is growing in its capability of reaching beyond its base in Iraq and Syria, an expansion that should have everyone concerned. In fact, there are frightening Biblical implications from such an expansion of terrorism as well. Consider these similarities; the Bible teaches that in the last days the Antichrist and the False Prophet will both be powerful religious leaders who will institute a universal world religion and reign for a period of seven years (Daniel 9:24 Revelation 13:12). Islam teaches that the Mahdi — a supposed redeemer of Islam — will institute Islam as the only religion on the earth and rule for a period of seven years. The Bible teaches that the Antichrist and the False Prophet will execute all those who do not submit to their world religion (Revelation 13:15). Islam teaches that the Mahdi will execute those who do not submit to Islam, and this is exactly what terrorist groups such as ISIS are currently doing! Thus, as Christians we must continue to pray for this situation. – PNL

PRAY: Pray that the Lord will open the eyes of those who are deceived by the false teachings of Islam and that the Lord would convict those who act out violently as a result of the false teaching of Islam. Pray for the leaders of the nations of the world to have wisdom and insight in dealing with the threat of ISIS. Pray also for the safety of all those who are being targeted by ISIS and other terrorist groups.

The King is Coming Podcast- San Bernardino and Syria

San Bernardino- the king is coming
San Bernardino- the king is comingDr. Hindson recently recorded in our studio at the World Prophetic Ministry to talk about a couple of recent news developments as they relate to the Middle East and ultimately Biblical Prophecy. Those events are the recent shooting in San Bernardino and the continuing conflict in Syria.
Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor at World Prophetic Ministry sat down with Dr. Hindson to discuss what he thought about the recent tragedy in San Bernardino.
“What gets me is the location. For over 40 years, The King is Coming was located in Colton, just down the road from where this took place. I have stayed there probably 50 times and when I’m watching the news I know exactly where that is. Dense, highly populated area. What it said to me is this could happen anywhere, we have to be ready at any time. “
Dr. Hindson believes that events like these show the enormous difference between Christian theology and Muslim Ideology.
“God didn’t orchestrate it. That’s the one fundamental error in Islamic teaching, that you can use force to spread your religion. This was just two people. It was evident they intended to continue this mayhem. The idea in terrorism is to strike as many unrelated places as possible to scare people into accommodating what you want in your agenda. There’s no concern for human life. The idea is our cause is greater than your safety.”
When Dr. Edwards asked Dr. Hindson how we as both believers and Americans can respond to events like these and the ones in Syria, Dr. Hindson reminded us that we have to stick to our convictions while doing our best to spread the gospel message.
“There is not a warm personal understanding of a God of grace who cares about people everywhere. That doesn’t exist in the Islamic world and politically correct America doesn’t get that. You can’t just join hands and sing Kumbaya and think the whole world is going to get along. They are incapable of that in a fallen and depraved state without the power and regeneration of the Holy Spirit. Only in Jesus, the prince of peace, will there ever be real peace. We have to continue to proclaim the gospel, we have to continue to interact with the culture, we have to continue to be vigilant and cautious and realize we are living in a fallen world. We don’t have any guarantees this side of the rapture.”
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Tragedy Over the Sinai Peninsula Could Be an Act of Terror


“Search the wreckage of the plane and bring forth your black box and analyze it. Show us your expertise and prove that we did not cause the plane to crash.”


Sinai_Peninsula_from_airplaneOn October 31st, a Russian Airbus A321 filled with Russian and Ukrainian tourists departed from Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and began to make its way towards St. Petersburg. 20 minutes later, the plane went down over the Sinai Peninsula. Of the 224 passengers and crew on board, none survived.

It was initially announced that the plane was brought down due to faulty mechanics, but the A321 has historically had excellent safety ratings.

British Foreign Secretary Phillip Hammond and other British officials have come out and said they believe the tragedy over the Sinai Peninsula could be an act of terror and the work of ISIS affiliates in Egypt. The group, located in central Sinai very close to where the plane went down has released multiple audio statements claiming responsibility for the crash, urging authorities to prove that it was not them, and calling the event an act of retaliation against Russia’s involvement in Syria.

Russian and U.S. security officials have declined to make a definitive stance on the matter, claiming that the tragedy has not officially been ruled a terrorist attack and could be a result of a mechanical failure. However, they have also gone on record to say that while it is too early to conclude that ISIS is to blame, it is highly likely that a bomb could have been smuggled on board by baggage handlers or ground crews at the airport. Several airport employees have already been fired from their posts on suspicion of terrorist affiliation.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, countries around the world are taking extra anti-terror measures. British Airways, Germany’s Lufthansa, Air France, and many other airlines have halted flights to and from Sharm el-Sheikh, leaving an estimated 20,000 Britons and other European nationals stuck in Egypt. Russia is poised to send more troops into Syria in retaliation of the crash.

If the airplane crash is the work of ISIS affiliates, this shows how far their reach could be. Despite the work of the U.S. led coalition, ISIS has still expanded beyond their Syrian and Iraqi borders and into Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, and Nigeria. They are slowly seeping into countries around Africa and the Arab Peninsula.

This tragedy and the alarming growth of ISIS comes on the heels of AQAP’s (Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula) call for “lone wolf” terror attacks on the U.S. and other western countries, specifically asking devotees to target air travel.

These events have understandably set the world on edge. Recent years have been defined by the waprophecy and the war against terrorismr on terrorism but it remains a mystery and a source of great fear for most of us. It doesn’t seem to be going away any time soon.

How are we supposed to respond?

Does the Bible have anything to say about terrorism?

What can we expect in the future?

Prophecy and the War Against Terrorism, by Dr. Ed Hindson is a thought-provoking, Biblical exploration of terrorism, those who sponsor it, and how they will play a part in the fulfillment of Biblical Prophecy. Dr. Hindson reminds us that in the midst of these tragedies, we need not be afraid. God has a plan and He is ultimately the one in control.

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Nuclear “Jackpot” Deal for Iran

The King Is Coming - Iran Nuclear Deal

The King Is Coming - Iran Nuclear Deal

In a move of unprecedented international irresponsibility, the Obama administration has agreed to an agreement with the nation of Iran that perceivably stands to benefit only the nation of Iran. Importantly, it should be noted that the United States has entered into this agreement under the guise of what is known as “The P5+1.” This group is made up of China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, and the United States; the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council (P5), plus Germany (+1). Germany was included, most likely, since it is currently the most active trading partner Iran can claim. Also, the Iranian nuclear program up to this point has been dependent upon acquiring the vast majority of its machinery and software from Germany. So, for the time being the fate of the Middle East has been called into serious question through the actions of these six countries in brokering what amounts to a “sweetheart deal” with Iran.

Iran Deal -2

In fact, it is not too great a summation to call this deal, as did Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, a “jackpot” deal for Iran as that nation gained nearly everything it demanded and gave up virtually nothing in return! As has been widely reported in numerous media outlets, the benefits to Iran as a result of this deal include access to 150 billion dollars currently frozen in international banks, lifting of the economic sanctions that were enacted to curtail Iran’s open support of terrorist groups such as Hezbollah, the retention of all of its nuclear infrastructure; such as the ability to continue to enrich uranium and produce plutonium at the more than 19,000 centrifuges in Iran. As reported by the Israel National News, this many centrifuges working around the clock could produce a nuclear weapon within approximately six weeks. As part of this new U.S. orchestrated deal, Iran also has the right to limit access of weapons inspectors to only those facilities Iran declares as military facilities. Sadly, this deal gets even worse. Further benefits of this deal to the nation of Iran stipulate that Iran will not have to disclose any information regarding what steps it has thus far taken to develop nuclear weapons. More frighteningly, a 2006 United Nations arms embargo will be lifted allowing countries such as Russia and China to sell weapons to Iran as well as allowing Iran to openly sell weapons to other countries, such as Syria, and the terrorist groups it currently sponsors such as Hezbollah and Hamas. Additionally, the international embargo on countries selling missile technology to Iran would be lifted. This particular detail will no doubt assist Iran in the development of an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching other areas of the Middle East and even the United States. Despite the embargos, Iran has the most diversified ballistic missile arsenal in the Middle East having acquired the majority of its stockpile from foreign sources such as North Korea, Russia, and China. Thus, lifting any weapons embargo will undoubtedly only expedite and expand Iran’s quest for such weaponry.

Pope Praises Mahmoud Abbas as an “Angel of Peace”



In an announcement that has startled and puzzled many, Pope Francis offered high praise for a leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization; Mahmoud Abbas, during Abbas’ recent visit to Rome for the canonization of two 19th-century nuns. The Associated Press reported that Pope Francis presented Abbas with a papal medallion which he explained represents an “angel of peace destroying the bad spirit of war.” Despite Abbas’ published beliefs denying the Holocaust, his support for the terrorist group Hamas, and his long standing connection with radicals such as Sultan Abu Al-Einein; one of Abbas’s top advisors who publically called for the murder of Israelis in 2014, Pope Francis stated the gift was appropriate telling Abbas “you are an angel of peace.” However, quite to the contrary of such a noble title, in 2013 Abbas posthumously awarded “the highest order of the Star of Honor” to arch-terrorist Abu Jihad, who was responsible for the murder of at least 125 Israelis.


Likewise, Abbas also decorated another terrorist leader Nayef Hawatmeh, who is the leader of the Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), with the Palestinian Star of Honor. The DFLP, as reported by Israel National News, has carried out, and claimed responsibility for, numerous deadly terror attacks including a suicide bombing near Tel Aviv that killed 4 people in 2003. One such, well documented, attack on a school bus in Ma’alot Israel, praised by the papal “angel of peace” Abbas, resulted in the deaths of 30 schoolchildren and 7 adults. Obviously a true “angel of peace” who was dedicated to “destroying the bad spirit of war,” such as Pope Francis declared Abbas to be, would condemn such terrorist activities.

To the contrary, Mahmoud Abbas publicly praises such activity as it furthers his anti-Semitic, anti-Western agenda which stretches back to his days as a Ph.D. student at the Oriental College in Moscow. The title of Abbas’ doctoral dissertation was “The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism.” Clearly, such sentiment reveals the true, long standing, intentions of Mahmoud Abbas to be that of the destruction of Israel and her supporters. Hardly, “an angel of peace.” In fact, as the Daily Mail UK recently reported, one of Abbas’s counter-parts, IS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi publicly admitted what honest scholars have long recognized; “Islam was never a religion of peace, Islam is the religion of fighting.” Sadly, the Pope and much of the world has been deceived by Abbas and other so-called peaceful leaders.


Such deception of religious leaders, as evidenced by Pope Francis’ praise for Abbas, is similar to that predicted in the Bible as humanity, during the end times, will seek to have their “itching ears” satisfied and will “turn away … from the truth, and shall be turned unto fables” (2 Timothy 4:3-4 KJV).

PRAY: That religious leaders, such as Pope Francis, will not continue to be deceived by those who would seek to destroy Israel and her supporters. Pray for the faithfulness of Christians to continue to support Israel’s struggles against the terrorist threats that seek to destroy her. God has promised He will bless those who bless Israel (Genesis 12:3).