The King is Coming Podcast- San Bernardino and Syria

San Bernardino- the king is comingDr. Hindson recently recorded in our studio at the World Prophetic Ministry to talk about a couple of recent news developments as they relate to the Middle East and ultimately Biblical Prophecy. Those events are the recent shooting in San Bernardino and the continuing conflict in Syria.
Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor at World Prophetic Ministry sat down with Dr. Hindson to discuss what he thought about the recent tragedy in San Bernardino.
“What gets me is the location. For over 40 years, The King is Coming was located in Colton, just down the road from where this took place. I have stayed there probably 50 times and when I’m watching the news I know exactly where that is. Dense, highly populated area. What it said to me is this could happen anywhere, we have to be ready at any time. “
Dr. Hindson believes that events like these show the enormous difference between Christian theology and Muslim Ideology.
“God didn’t orchestrate it. That’s the one fundamental error in Islamic teaching, that you can use force to spread your religion. This was just two people. It was evident they intended to continue this mayhem. The idea in terrorism is to strike as many unrelated places as possible to scare people into accommodating what you want in your agenda. There’s no concern for human life. The idea is our cause is greater than your safety.”
When Dr. Edwards asked Dr. Hindson how we as both believers and Americans can respond to events like these and the ones in Syria, Dr. Hindson reminded us that we have to stick to our convictions while doing our best to spread the gospel message.
“There is not a warm personal understanding of a God of grace who cares about people everywhere. That doesn’t exist in the Islamic world and politically correct America doesn’t get that. You can’t just join hands and sing Kumbaya and think the whole world is going to get along. They are incapable of that in a fallen and depraved state without the power and regeneration of the Holy Spirit. Only in Jesus, the prince of peace, will there ever be real peace. We have to continue to proclaim the gospel, we have to continue to interact with the culture, we have to continue to be vigilant and cautious and realize we are living in a fallen world. We don’t have any guarantees this side of the rapture.”
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