Bastille Day Attack Devastates Nice, France

by jeftearroyo

bastille day

For the people of France, Bastille Day is the ultimate National holiday. Celebrating with all the pomp and circumstance, people gather every year to watch the parades and fireworks. This year was no different, especially in the Southern French city of Nice. Thousands gathered to watch the annual patriotic fireworks when suddenly, a lorry broke off the street and began to zigzag through the crowd. Stunned people tried to get out of the way, but the driver’s mile long rampage left at least 84 dead and many more wounded.

This would be tragic enough if it weren’t for the fact that it was just last November when Paris was hit by the deadliest terror attack France had seen. Now, a mere eight months later, France has found itself rocked by terror once again.

In recent months, IS fighters have continued to lose ground in Syria and Iraq and recent attacks in France, Baghdad, and Dhaka show that they are not happy about it.

But how did the attack in Nice happen? Authorities believe the driver to be a French Tunisian man who had lived in Nice for sometimes. IS spokesperson Abu Muhammad al-Adhani recently released a statement imploring followers of IS to plan civil attacks in their cities just like the attack in Nice. It is believed that the Bastille day attack was the driver’s response to al-Adhani’s call.

Witnesses said the lorry was filled with guns and grenades, but the driver made it only 1.2 miles before the police gunned him down, making them wonder what else he may have had planned. Nevertheless, his zigzagging through the streets made it impossible for the crowds to predict his moves and many were unable to escape him.

French President, Francois Holland has declared that the state of emergency, in place since the Paris attacks on November, will be extended another 3 months.

This attack came days after the deadliest suicide bombing on record in Baghdad which killed around 250 people.

Join us in praying for the families around the world who have lost relatives and friends around the world. The last few weeks have been a heavy reminder that we need the peace of Jesus in our lives!

For more information about what Bible Prophecy has to say about terrorism and the Middle East, check out our resource page.

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