Why Should Christians Care for the Jewish People and Their Land?

by The King is Coming


Adapted from Target Israel by Ed Hindson & Tim LaHaye

Perhaps you’ve been told that as Christians, we all have a duty to support Israel and the Jewish people who are working to defend its sovereignty as a nation. Or, perhaps you’ve been taught the opposite; that Christians have no biblical reason to support the cause of the Jewish people as they work to restore their homeland. In either case, you’ve probably been left wondering, “Why?”

The truth is that both Scripture and history provide us with three important reasons why we should actively seek the well-being of the Jewish people and their land.

    1. Jesus Christ was Jewish
      The most striking and salient of all arguments should indeed be this one. Jesus, our beloved savior, was a Jew. He was born into a Jewish home, lived in a Jewish culture, and was raised according to Jewish customs. After been crucified on the cross, he rose three days later in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. In this same city, the church began on the Day of Pentecost and went from the Jews out to all peoples.

    2. The authors of the Bible were almost exclusively Jewish
      It is not a moot point that all of the Biblical authors – with the possible exception of Luke – were Jewish. As the Holy Spirit guided them, these authors wrote the words that shape our Christian walk of faith to this very day.

    3. The Jewish people founded the church in Jerusalem
      The Jewish apostles of Jesus provided leadership at a critical time as the church was being established. Without their teaching, witness, and martyrdom,  the church of today would not be what it is. These Jewish followers of Jesus devoted their lives to spreading the Gospel, even to the point of death.

You must carefully consider the weight of these three points, which are each rooted and grounded in the Bible. Why should Christians care for the Jewish people and their land? Because there is a strong scriptural basis for doing so.

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