Hurricane Matthew Devastates Haiti

by jeftearroyo

Hurricane Matthew

Hurricane Matthew seemed to come out of nowhere, but now, it is ripping its way through the Caribbean islands and heading straight for Florida and the Eastern Coast. While it hit Cuba and the Bahamas, the worst reported damage comes from Haiti.

It’s only been six years since the devastating earthquake hit Haiti, shaking the already poor country to its core. Country-wide, buildings were flattened and Haitians were left to live in tent cities while aid workers attempted to rebuild.

The rebuilding process has been slow; however, as Haiti is one of the poorest and least resourced country in the world, now it has been hit by the most powerful hurricane to hit the area in over a decade.

Entire cities have once again been flattened. One of Haiti’s primary cities, Jeremie, has reported that 80% of it’s buildings have been completely leveled. In the chaos, the reported death tolls have varied between 1,000 and 1,500 people. Communication has been difficult so who knows what the total will be when we get more word from those still in Haiti. The question is, with their infrastructure already so unstable, will Haiti be able to rebuild a second time?

As Hurricane Matthew leaves the shores of Haiti, it is barreling towards Florida and has officially been upgraded to a category 4, the second to largest classification for hurricanes. Cities across the Eastern coastline have issued mandatory evacuations – even Disney World, a company that has only officially closed its doors a few times since its creation, is saying that they will be shutting the gates and asking everyone to get somewhere safe.

Let us, as a ministry, join together to pray for those who have been hit but Hurricane Matthew, and also for those who remain in harms way. Pray for relief teams as they struggle to help in Haiti while the weather continues to be deadly. Pray for those who have lost loved ones and for those wondering where their family and friends are located. Pray for those along the East Coast who have packed up their families on short notice, unsure of what will remain when they return home. Pray that in the midst of all this chaos, people will come to know the peace that comes from the word of God.

We at World Prophetic Ministry will do our best to keep you updated as events continue to unfold and we hope you will continue to join us every day in prayer.

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