Isis Training Children Fighters

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In a sickening development, it has been recently reported by several news agencies that ISIS is now training children to fight as assassins in their ever-widening religious war. This shocking information was made public recently as part of a new propaganda video released by the terror group. The 15-minute propaganda video, entitled “The Generation of the Epic Battles” is accompanied by a soundtrack of hypnotic music and concludes with the children; boys from Indonesia, Malaysia, and the Philippines, burning their passports. The video was recorded at a camp in the terror group’s stronghold of Hasakeh, northeastern Syria.

The video begins by referring to the boys as sons of terror group’s caliphate (A caliphate is the idea of a single world-wide government that is proposed by some Muslims). The video then offers footage of the children quoting the Koran and urging ISIS supporters to move to the “land of Islam,” insisting “our path is jihad.” Under the watchful eye of adult terrorists, the children step forward and fire their weapons; including AK 47 rifles and semiautomatic pistols. The rifles are nearly the same size as some of the children, yet frighteningly they are able to handle them with ease and skill demonstrating the serious training that ISIS has invested in these children. The children then are ISIS Training Child Fighters shown throwing their passports on the ground at which point one of the adult terrorists sets the passports on fire.

Shockingly, the use of children as agents of terrorism seems to be a growing trend with ISIS. This video was released only two days after a similar video released by ISIS’s propaganda wing in an attempt to lure French nationals to its territory, entitled “In the Footsteps of My Father” which shows two French speaking boys training with weapons and being given an education in the group’s fanatical interpretation of Islam. Equally disturbing is another ISIS video in which six children who appear no older than eight are each given a balaclava (face mask) and a handgun and sent off into the maze of a ruined castle in Syria to find, and kill, prisoners, who have their hands bound behind their backs, wait silently to be executed by the child assassins. All six boys are shown killing a captive in the disturbing video.

Sadly the Bible indicates that humanity – without a saving relationship with Jesus – is readily debased enough to carry out such actions as training children to become murderous terrorists. The war on terrorism is an ongoing conflict for our world. The bad news is it is not going to end – at least not anytime soon. The Bible teaches that this is a struggle that stems from the deep seated tensions that can be traced back to Isaac and Ishmael – almost 4,000 years ago! The situation will never end with peace until the peace of Christ reigns. To do that we must proclaim the Gospel to all the nations of the world, we must speak out against the evils and irresponsibility we see all around us, and we must encourage other believers to do the same. We have been commissioned by Christ Himself to make a difference in this world until He calls us home.


Pray that the children being exploited as agents of terror by ISIS would be rescued out of that situation. Pray also that the civilized nations of the world would recoil in horror at this latest development and recognize ISIS for the world wide threat they are. Above all, pray for Christ to reveal Himself to those mislead by the propaganda of ISIS.

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