Massive Earthquake Hits Ecuador

by jeftearroyo


EcuadorOn Monday, April 18th, it was announced that the death toll from the recent earthquake in Ecuador had risen to 350 with over 2,000 still injured and many more missing. The earthquake registered a 7.8 magnitude, making it the largest in the area since a 7.7 hit Ecuador in 1979.

Since Saturday, the chaos in Ecuador has only grown. The country had already been facing financial woes in light of the global lowering of crude oil prices and risk consultant experts fear that Ecuador is not equipped to handle the coming recovery process. The quake shattered buildings and destroyed power lines all around the city of Portoviejo and the nearby pacific coast line. President Rafael Correa is concerned that the reconstruction will cost billions of dollars and will take much longer than they hoped.

Meanwhile, many are left stranded on the streets with little access to food and water. Authorities have already announced that instances of theft have already become more frequent as the population struggles to survive. Around 13,500 security personnel have been dispatched to the area in an attempt to keep the peace. Still, as of Monday, aid had still not reached several areas and the population is continuing to grow restless.

After the initial quake on Saturday, over 300 aftershocks continued to rattle the streets, forcing survivors to stay away from their homes for the foreseeable future.

This devastating earthquake comes on the heels of two large earthquakes in Japan last week, causing geologists to wonder if more will come.

Join us in praying for the countries of Ecuador, Japan and any others that have been affected by recent natural disasters. Pray for the survivors and for those who have lost loved ones, that they may find peace and strength in the Lord. Pray for the governments and those responsible for providing aid, that they would have wisdom on how to best use their resources. Finally, pray to the Lord of the Harvest, that He may use these tragedies to draw people toward Himself.Signs of the Times!

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