Massive Floods Devastate Parts of Europe

by jeftearroyo


FloodsThe month of June in Paris is known for its beauty, drawing tourists from all over the world, however this year things in Paris look a little different. France, Germany and Bavaria have received six weeks worth of rain in a matter of two days, causing widespread flooding across the European countries. Forecasts predict more rainy days to come.

French President Francois Holland has declared a state of emergency.

In Paris, the river Seine has risen to its highest level in 30 years, climbing more than 16 feet higher than it’s usual level. Public transportation, a network that runs under and around the Seine, has been shut down as a precaution while major tourist destinations such as the Louvre and the Muse’e d’Orsay have closed their doors. Officials have warned tourists and locals to stay clear of the river.

Meanwhile, villages an smaller towns around Paris have been evacuated and are almost completely under water. Thousands have been displaced in the last several days, but the alternative is much worse.

In Germany and Bavaria, the rains proved to be more of a surprise, with lightening storms, mud slides, and flash floods causing the death toll to continue to rise. Rescue helicopters have been dispatched to scan rooftops for survivors while divers are working to find those who have been lost.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel expressed the sorrow of her country saying, “We are mourning those for whom help has come too late and who lost their lives in the floods.”

Join us in praying for the people in France, Germany, and Bavaria. Pray for those displaced and in mourning and pray for those responsible for rebuilding their countries.

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