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Have you gotten a chance to listen to The King is Coming Podcast? Every so often, Dr. Hindson sits down with Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor here at World Prophetic Ministry to discuss current events and Bible Prophecy. Here are some of our most recent podcasts:


End-Times Wars

In this podcast, Dr. Hindson and Jerry Edwards discuss the Palestinian conflict and the ongoing battle for control over Israel. With the death of Osama Bin Laden, many thought the war on terror was over, but as we have continued to see, that is not the case. While much of the conflict today is centered in Syria and Iraq, we can look at the Word of God and see the conflict will always circle back to Israel. What do these events tell us about the End Times and who does Jerusalem belong to? Dr. Hindson answers these questions and more in this exciting episode of The King is Coming Podcast.

What the Bible Says- Questions and Answers with Dr. Ed. Hindson

There are times when we come across Scripture that is difficult to understand, especially when it involves prophecy. This is the first podcast in a new series where Dr. Hindson answers questions about the Bible that donors from all over the nation have sent to World Prophetic Ministry.

In this episode, Dr. Hindson answers questions like,

  • Does the Book of Ezekiel have any bearings on the Middle East today?
  • What does 2 Corinthians chapter 5 mean by “the judgement of believers works?”
  • Why is the resurrection so important?

You don’t want to miss Dr. Hindson’s answers! Also listen to the second Question and Answer episode here!

End-Times Foretold By Christ

Speaking on location in Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives, Dr. Hindson walks listeners through some of Jesus’ teachings regarding the End Times. This episode is part of our series based on the Signs of the Times Hindson Library, available now under our resource materials.


Prophecies of Jerusalem

In this episode, Dr. Hindson teaches on location in Jerusalem from a Jewish Cemetery. He discusses the various prophecies concerning Israel itself, particularly the events of Gethsemane, the Garden Tomb, and Megiddo, the site of the future battle of Armageddon.

To hear more of our past podcasts, check out our podcast page or subscribe to The King is Coming Telecast on iTunes!

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