NATO Officer Suspicious of Russia and Syria

by jeftearroyo


INATOn light of the recent flood of Syrian Refugees and other immigrants into Europe, senior NATO commander in Europe and US General, Philip Breedlove, has announced that he believes Russia and Syria are using the refugee crisis to undermine European powers. While he does believe that criminals and extremists are a part of the flow of immigrants, he thinks the real danger lies in the sheer number of them.

Since the tragic events in Paris last November, the world has long feared that members of ISIS could be among the thousands of Syrians entering the European Union. The international Organization has said that in 2016, nearly 130,000 migrants have arrived in Greece and Macedonia. The sheer number of immigrants has governments scrambling to do background checks and provide housing for those who pass the tests. However, more people are arriving every day, and many immigrants are still without shelter or a means to provide for themselves. Middle East Meltdown

General Breedlove believes that in the midst of all this chaos, something bigger could be happening, possibly even another Cold War. In the past several years, Russia has been rearming their country and the immigrant crisis in Europe has left the European Union vulnerable. While Russia is still economically unstable, President Putin seems determined to revive it, and his recent deals with Syria and other nations seems curious to many.

This would not be so alarming if Russia wasn’t a prominent figure in Biblical End-Times prophecy. The Bible describes the Gog and Magog war, which most scholars believe describes Russia, Turkey, and other nations locked in a battle against Israel. This battle is to come before the final Battle of Armageddon. Though we do not know when Jesus will return, we can be sure that Russia plays a key role in the End-Times and the situation in Syria and Europe seems to be setting the stage for the end to come.fear of possible genocide grows in burundi

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