Over 2,000 People on Hajj Pilgrimage Killed During Stampede

by jeftearroyo

People on hajj Pilgrimage killed during stampede- the king is coming

People on hajj Pilgrimage killed during stampede- the king is coming

A tragic event, the scale of which has recently been elevated to that of major proportions, occurred during this year’s hajj pilgrimage to Mecca involving the deaths of at least 2,000 people who were crushed as two large crowds of people converged upon each other. The hajj pilgrimage is considered to be a mandatory religious duty for all able-bodied adult Muslims. This year over 2 million people attended the 5 day event that culminates with a symbolic stoning of the devil by throwing rocks at three pillars. It was during the observance of the symbolic stoning of Satan that the tragedy occurred. Exact details as to the cause of the stampede are disputed but one eyewitness reported two crowds converged near a junction where a military vehicle blocking one of the roadways. A group of 5,000 people headed in the wrong direction were not aware that the military vehicle was blocking the roadway and they began to press into a large group who could not proceed due to the road block. In the ensuing chaos over 2,000 people were crushed.

Interestingly, while Islam claims to be a religion of peace underlying tones of their radicpeople on hajj pilgrimage killed- the king is coming al hatred can be observed in the ritual practice of throwing stones at Satan. This ritual – which occasioned this tragedy – involves the devotees throwing stones at three pillars. These three pillars according to radical Muslim extremists also symbolically represent the Devil, America, and Israel. In Muslim theology America is referred to as the “great Satan” and Israel is referred to as “the little Satan.” As tragic as this event is, it can serve to remind us that the notion of Islam as a peaceful religion is a deception – devotees of a “peaceful” religion wouldn’t stampede each other. This is, sadly, to be expected in light of certain Bible prophecies. Our Lord taught that “as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be” (Matthew 24:37). Genesis 6:13 teaches that in the days of Noah “the earth was filled with violence.” The violence we can see in such a tragic event as this stampede certainly requires a disregard for human life, carried out by zealous members of the world’s largest cult, which we can only pray does not escalate. The holy book of Islam, the Quran, teaches a violent doctrine endorsing the idea of a constant struggle between Muslims and others that can only end when everyone in the world has converted to Islam, either by faith or by force! As I have stated many times, any “religion” that is spread by forced conversion under the threat of death is, in reality, a cult. Let us pray their influence does not continue to spread. – PNL

PRAY: For those whose friends and family were killed in this tragic event. Pray that they would be shown the errors and abuses of the false, violent, religion of Islam and that they could be reached with the Good News of the Gospel.


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