Peace Talks Come To Afghanistan

by jeftearroyo

DelegatesAn Australian service light armored vehicle drives through Tangi Valley, Afghanistan, March 29. The terrain of Tangi Valley is notoriously rough, but the ASLAV maneuvers across it with ease, said Australian army Lt. McLeod Wood, a troop leader for 2nd Cavalry Regiment, Mentoring Task Force 2, Combined Team Uruzgan. from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and the US, met last week to discuss peace negotiations between Afghan forces and the Taliban. There were no members of the Taliban in attendance.

Conflict between the Afghan government and the Taliban has been growing for years, culminating recently in the Taliban’s attack on Kunduz. The gateway to many of Afghanistan’s trade routes, Kunduz is a key city and the conflict around it has brought the country to its knees.

In the last 14 years of conflict, nearly 18,000 civilians have died, with many more dying in military conflicts. The International Committee of the Red Cross has declared the situation in Afghanistan and the conflict in Kunduz a severe violation of humanitarian law, making the recent peace talks all the more urgent and important.

Peace talks that began in 2013 ended abruptly when it was announced that Taliban leader Mullah Omar had died. His second in command, Mullah Mansour, was declared the new leader of the Taliban.

It is hoped that these peace talks will eventually lead to a break in the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan, providing relief for the citizens there.

Join us in praying for the delegates as they seek to bring peace for Afghanistan. Pray that they will be full of wisdom and understanding.Can There Be Peace In the Middle East - The King Is Coming

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