Possible Death of Taliban Leader

by jeftearroyo

After a US led drone strike in south-west Pakistan targeted a group of Taliban leaders, Afghan security forces have announced that the attack was successful. Mullah Akhtar Mansour, leader of the Taliban since July of 2015 was killed in the attacks. Secretary of State John Kerry, had recently declared that Mansour was a “continuing, imminent threat to US personnel.”

Mansour was known to be close to the Talibans founder, Mullah Omar and therefore had a significant part in moving the Taliban forward. He has also been known for drug trafficking across the Middle East.

The question remains however, is Mansour really dead? With every Taliban death, there is often great confusion as to whether or not the correct target was hit. If it is true, this would prove to be a huge blow to the Taliban. Under his direction, the Taliban has been strengthening their leadership as well as executing major attacks on Afghan forces and gaining control of key cities. His death could lead to a major power struggle within the Taliban ranks, allowing the US and Afghan forces to push them back. Lessons from Osama - The King Is Coming

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