Secrets of the Antichrist, The King Is Coming

Secrets of the Antichrist


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People everywhere are asking, “Is the Antichrist alive today and if he is, how can we identify him?” To help answer those questions, World Prophetic Ministry is excited to present this two part series by Dr. Ed Hindson titled, Secrets of the Antichrist. Recent events fuel the suspicion that the Antichrist may be alive today, standing in the wings and rubbing his lechurous hands together, as he awaits the precise moment when he will make his grab for world power. But can we tell who he is today? Should we even try?

In the first message, Dr. Hindson answers the question, “Is the Antichrist alive today?”

In his last message, Dr. Hindson concludes his stunning series by answering the question, “Can we identify the Antichrist?”


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