Satanic Temple Advances Their Agenda

by The King is Coming


In a sad display of how far a demonic religion will go to destroy a society, the Satanic Temple – based out of Salem, Massachusetts – has launched a court case challenging an abortion law in Missouri that requires a woman who has requested an abortion wait 72 hours before the procedure, undergo an ultrasound, and hear a fetal heartbeat. While there is no requirement that the woman must pay for the ultrasound and she can also decline to hear the fetal heartbeat, the stipulation of waiting 72 hours is upheld. The doubtlessly unscrupulous attorney representing the Satanic Temple argued the Missouri law was medically unnecessary and a violation of a woman’s personal religious beliefs, and asked the state to block the law. The claim that the existing law made any connections to religion was not clarified by the Satanic Temple. Such a random claim of a violation of religious freedom is obviously a tactic of intimidation and an appeal to emotions. The closest shred of support that could be offered was the complaint filed by plaintiff in the case, referred to in court filings as “Mary Doe,” is challenging the state’s “informed consent” law, on the basis it violates her religious beliefs in bodily autonomy, which is – ironically – one of the tenets of the Satanic Temple. One has to wonder if this is yet another ploy by the Satanic Temple to instigate legal action to further their demonic cause.

Threatening Christian Business Owners

In another instance of the Satanic Temple purposefully creating situations to draw attention to their demonic religion, they have been ordering cakes that praise Satan from Christian run bakeries and then threatening them with lawsuits when they refuse to make the contrived confections. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the co-founder of the Satanic Temple; Lucien Greaves, is asking those who live near a bakery run by Christian owners to order or cakes “to honor Satan,” as Greaves wrote in a press release. Greaves’ reasoning is that the group of people who worship Satan are a federally protected class meaning a bakery cannot deny service on the basis of religion. Speaking of his plan Greaves said, “we’ll host a party in your honor at The Satanic Temple headquarters in Salem, and order a cake that praises Satan from your offending discriminatory ‘religious liberty’ enthusiast.” It is truly disturbing the lengths that people will go to when they are deceived by Satan. Yet, this deception should not surprise us.

Relevant Bible Passages

The Bible indicates that such deception is in keeping with the character of Satan.  In Hebrew, the name Satan means “the accuser.”  In fact, the Bible describes Satan as “the accuser of our brethren” (the saints of God) in Revelation 12:10. Additionally, Ezekiel 28:12-18 describes Satan as being “full of wisdom.”  Yet, the wisdom of Satan did not prevent his pride from causing his own fall from heaven. Many Bible teachers point to Isaiah 14:12-17 as being indicative of Satan’s desire to ascend to a position of authority in the heavenly council above that of even God Himself! Thus, it is completely within the spectrum of Satan’s past actions to seek to influence groups like the Satanic Temple to work in promoting an anti-Christian agenda – even if they really are unwitting participants – and fighting against any Pro-Life legislation. Yet, this is predicted by Bible prophecy! During the Tribulation period Satan will deceive the whole world (Revelation 12:9) so it is not too far-fetched to believe he is already deceiving many in the world today. However, this should motivate believers to fight such satanic influence. After all, Jesus has promised that “the gates of hell shall not prevail” against His church (Matthew 16:18).

PRAY: Pray that these recent efforts in Missouri by the Satanic Temple would be recognized as unfounded and dismissed. Pray also that their attacks on Christian business owners would be defeated.

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