A Special Birthday Gift for Dr. Hindson

by jeftearroyo

Special Birthday Gift

Dr. Hindson, our Bible teacher on The King is Coming Telecast, is turning 71 on December 21st and we are asking you to help us celebrate with him! Below is a recent letter from Dr. Hindson explaining how your special birthday gift to World Prophetic Ministry can be used.

Dear Friend of the Ministry,
We certainly live in exciting times. My 71st birthday is just around the corner—December 21. This is an especially significant birthday since then I will also be celebrating 50 years of ministry. God is opening amazing doors for us and I just want to invite you to share in the celebration.
I am continually amazed that God would allow me to serve Him through a worldwide ministry…including Sunday T.V. in ISRAEL… in what certainly seems to be the Last Days. I can’t imagine us doing anything else than serving the Lord together as partners in the ministry. I have literally seen tens of thousands of people – both young and old – respond to our broadcast ministry as our teaching programs go out across the world. Praise God!
I have labored hard and long for the Lord and, as the Apostle Paul wrote, “kept the faith.” In the upcoming days, I will be celebrating my 71st birthday and I’d like to ask for your help in making it a special celebration surprise for this important day.
Special Birthday GiftYou know that during the past few months, the Lord has given me, and all of us here at World Prophetic Ministry, a particular burden to reach  the 11 million souls on the nation of Cuba…while we have some open doors. We feel the best way to bring the Gospel to the Cuban people is by training the thousands of existing evangelical pastors there in Cuba – most of them leading the house churches that have sprung up across the island in recent years.
You may also know that the iconic symbols of Cuba are the 1940s and 1950s era automobiles that have been lovingly maintained for many decades. What you probably don’t know is that I too have a fondness for these old cars. In fact, I learned to drive in a 1955 Chevrolet and my own very first car was a blue ’56 Chevy. So every time I see photos from Havana or Santiago with these old cars in the background, I am reminded of my own youth. Somehow it has made my connection with Cuba during this critical time even stronger. I have never had such a burden from the Lord as I have seen these past few months over Cuba. We believe that God is allowing World Prophetic Ministry to have a part in a great End Times harvest of souls in this nation that has suffered.
As a special gift to World Prophetic Ministry in celebration of my 71st birthday, I am asking that you send a gift of $71 if possible. OR, you may be able to send ½ the amount of $35.50. OR, whatever you can send, simply add .71 cents … that way I will know you are celebrating too! I would also appreciate any notes or words of encouragement on this special day. 
Your special birthday gift at this time and your continued prayers will help make a huge difference.

World Prophetic Ministry needs to continue taking our prophetic messages to the world.

Thank you for your faithful and prayerful support for me and the World Prophetic Ministry team.
Ed Hindson
If you would like to send Dr. Hindson a Happy Birthday message, print off the card above and send it to
Ed Hindson
C/O World Prophetic Ministry
National Processing Center
PO Box 901
Forest, VA 24537
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