Suicide Bomb Shakes Kabul

by jeftearroyo

Suicide Bomb Shakes Kabul

In a recent post we discussed the peace talks that began between officials from Afghanistan, Pakistan, China, and the United States over the violence in Afghanistan. Several days later, a suicide bombing in Kabul proved the need for an intervention. In response to a Western- backed government, the Taliban has recently increased their reign of terror, launching a campaign of suicide attacks across Kabul that left many dead and wounded including a number of law enforcement officers.

Brig Gen Wilson Shoffner, speaking on behalf of the NATO-led forces in Afghanistan has said, “This attack on the Afghan police shows the contempt the Taliban have for the rule of law in Afghanistan and for those who commit themselves daily to defending the Afghan people. The Taliban have no plans for the development of Afghanistan. Targeting those who defend their fellow Afghans does not advance the cause of peace.”

The question is, can the peace talks really bring peace? Will we ever truly see peace in the Middle East?

The Bible tells us that in the End-Times we will hear of wars and rumors of wars. True peace will not happen until Christ returns for His followers. Nevertheless, as believers we can join together and pray for those in Afghanistan who are hurting and are being impacted by the seemingly endless stream of violence. We can pray for their safety and that they will come to know the peace that is only found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We can pray for the delegates currently tasked with creating peace for Afghanistan. Pray that they will have wisdom and understanding. And we can continue toprophecy and the war against terrorism- the king is coming pray for those facing terrorism and the threat of violence around the world.

For more insight into what the Bible says about militant Islam, check out Dr. Hindson’s book, Prophecy and the War Against Terrorism. Taking you on a journey through the history of Islam and it’s relation to the Bible, Dr. Hindson ends the book explaining our role as Christians in the War against Terrorism.

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