Syria – Russia Development

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The King is coming podcast

In the episode of The King is Coming Podcast, Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor at World Prophetic Ministry, sits down with The King is Coming Telecast teacher Dr. Ed Hindson to discuss the recent involvement of Russia in Syria. Dr. Hindson responds to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments on the Syrian crisis and explains the religious and sociopolitical origin of the conflict, including the Biblical prophecies of the End-Times that seem to mirror the events of today.

Known as one of the most dramatic and impactful prophetic books in the Bible, the Book of Ezekiel is full of information relevant to today and the days to come. Spanning topics such as the future of Israel, the alignment of political leaders, and what happens when the glory of God departs, Ezekiel is incredibly important for the present situation, and the future.  Click here to get your copy of Dr. Hindson’s study on Ezekiel today! For more resources, be sure to check out our resource materials!

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