Syrian Government Approves Aid Deliveries

by jeftearroyo

Aid Deliveries

The UN has announced that seven besieged areas in Syria will be receiving aid as soon as possible. Cities include Deir el Zour (a city that has been under siege from ISIS for some time,) Kefrayah (a rebel controlled city in the north,) and Madyaya (a southern city under siege by government forces.) This announcement comes after last week’s UN gathering where officials decided agreed that a nationwide “cessation of hostilities” was needed to further the aid effort. The areas chosen are home to almost half a million people and were the areas deemed by the International Syria Support Group to be the most in need of aid.

Although the ceasefire is meant to begin this week, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad believes that it will be difficult to maintain. The truce does not include militant jihadist groups, so there is a possibility of further violence. Other diplomats have come forward, claiming that the “truce” might not go as planned. However, any plan to get relief into the war torn parts of Syria could be better than nothing at all.

Join us in praying for the situation in Syria. Pray for a spirit of peace and wisdom to come over those negotiating a truce. Pray that relief will arrive for those who desperately need it.Middle East Meltdown

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