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The King is coming podcast

Come join us for our latest podcast Biblical Perspective on Terrorism

The King is coming podcast

Welcome to the most recent King is Coming Podcast. In this podcast Dr. Ed Hindson discusses connections between biblical prophecy and terrorism.

Russian Jet- the king is coming

In a further escalation of their demonic terror campaign, ISIS has claimed responsibility for bringing down a Russian jet over the Sinai Peninsula. The plane was making a routine flight from the Egyptian resort of Sharm el-Sheikh to St. Petersburg, Russia. According to ISIS claims they used a bomb hidden in a can of pineapple […]

San Bernardino- the king is coming

Dr. Hindson recently recorded in our studio at the World Prophetic Ministry to talk about a couple of recent news developments as they relate to the Middle East and ultimately Biblical Prophecy. Those events are the recent shooting in San Bernardino and the continuing conflict in Syria. Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor at World Prophetic Ministry […]

“Search the wreckage of the plane and bring forth your black box and analyze it. Show us your expertise and prove that we did not cause the plane to crash.”   On October 31st, a Russian Airbus A321 filled with Russian and Ukrainian tourists departed from Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and began to make its […]

The King Is Coming - Iran Nuclear Deal

In a move of unprecedented international irresponsibility, the Obama administration has agreed to an agreement with the nation of Iran that perceivably stands to benefit only the nation of Iran. Importantly, it should be noted that the United States has entered into this agreement under the guise of what is known as “The P5+1.” This […]

In an announcement that has startled and puzzled many, Pope Francis offered high praise for a leader of the Palestinian Liberation Organization; Mahmoud Abbas, during Abbas’ recent visit to Rome for the canonization of two 19th-century nuns. The Associated Press reported that Pope Francis presented Abbas with a papal medallion which he explained represents an […]