Temple Explodes in Southern India

by jeftearroyo

Temple explodes

Temple explodesOn Sunday, March 10th, an explosion ripped through a Hindu temple in Kerala, India, killing over 100 people and injuring hundreds more. Residents of Kollam were celebrating the final day of the Hindu festival of Bhadrakali. Hundreds had gathered at the Puttingal Devi temple to watch the fireworks that signified the end of the festival when an explosion set off in the temple, sending flying concrete and debris all over. The explosion caused a stampede of people trying to flee the scene, resulting in further injuries and deaths.

Currently, hospitals in Kollam are full of injuries from the explosion and doctors are doing their best to keep up with the flood of trauma patients.

Meanwhile, police believe that the explosion might not be an accident. They have detained several people who worked at the temple for questioning, hoping to find out what exactly happened during the festival.

Indian Prime Minister Narenda Modi is currently in Kerala and has called the incident, “heart-rending and shocking words.”

This is not the first massive tragic event to occur during one of India’s many religious festivals. Stampedes have become all too common during the festivals, killing hundreds every year.Why We Believe - The King Is Coming

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