United Nations Continues the Fight for Syria

by jeftearroyo

United NationsThe United Nations is submitting an official request to the Syrian government to allow humanitarian aid into various conflict areas in the coming months.

With air strikes continuing around the country, Syria has allowed air drops of humanitarian aid into 36 regions in the country, but many regions are still under attack. Many of the earlier air drops have also been unsuccessful.

Authorities believe that the situation in Syria has reached dire levels. While the population has dwindled, there are still not enough resources to go around.

Here’s a look at what life in Syria looks like as the war goes on.


The number of healthcare professionals has fallen to only 55% of the pre-war period, leaving over 40% of the population unable to access even the most basic of health services. There are 113 documented hospitals and out of those, more than 58% are closed or quickly spiraling towards it. In the last several years, Syria’s medical facilities have been the focus of many attacks.

Children and Education: 

It is estimated that it would take over 19 hours just to read the names of the children who have lost their lives over the past 6 years in Syria. So many children have lost their lives, but even those who have survived have little to look forward to.The war has taken a massive toll on the availability of education across the country. Of the children remaining in Syria, nearly half are no longer going to school. Most schools have been closed and converted to shelters or military buildings, leaving some 52,000 teachers out of work.

Food and Employment:

It is estimated that there are 17.9 million people still living in Syria which is a drastic change from the pre-war population of 24.5 million. Life in Syria looks drastically different as the unemployment rate is estimated to be fluctuating between 50% and 60%. According to the UN, nearly 70% of Syria’s population are living in extreme poverty. This means that they are unable to access even the most basic food and health items. This has only been made worse as the ongoing conflict has greatly damaged the countries ability to farm crops. President Assad has attempted to remedy this by importing crops from the Ukraine and Russia, but it has not been able to reach most areas.

Join us as we pray for those remaining in Syria. So many have lost their homes, their families, and even their lives. Pray the the God of peace will be their comfort.

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