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  • United Nations Continues the Fight for Syria

    United Nations Continues the Fight for Syria

    The United Nations is submitting an official request to the Syrian government to allow humanitarian aid into various conflict areas in the coming months. With air strikes continuing around the country, Syria has allowed air drops of humanitarian aid into 36 regions in the country, but many regions are still under attack. Many of the […]
  • Massive Floods Devastate Parts of Europe

    Massive Floods Devastate Parts of Europe

    The month of June in Paris is known for its beauty, drawing tourists from all over the world, however this year things in Paris look a little different. France, Germany and Bavaria have received six weeks worth of rain in a matter of two days, causing widespread flooding across the European countries. Forecasts predict more […]
  • Cuba Outreach Update

    Cuba Outreach Update

    In this podcast Dr. Hindson discusses the recent updates that are going on in our Cuba Outreach program. To find out more about the Cuba outreach you should click here.
  • Possible Death of Taliban Leader

    Possible Death of Taliban Leader

    After a US led drone strike in south-west Pakistan targeted a group of Taliban leaders, Afghan security forces have announced that the attack was successful. Mullah Akhtar Mansour, leader of the Taliban since July of 2015 was killed in the attacks. Secretary of State John Kerry, had recently declared that Mansour was a “continuing, imminent […]
  • Massive Earthquake Hits Ecuador

    Massive Earthquake Hits Ecuador

    On Monday, April 18th, it was announced that the death toll from the recent earthquake in Ecuador had risen to 350 with over 2,000 still injured and many more missing. The earthquake registered a 7.8 magnitude, making it the largest in the area since a 7.7 hit Ecuador in 1979. Since Saturday, the chaos in […]
  • Temple Explodes in Southern India

    Temple Explodes in Southern India

    On Sunday, March 10th, an explosion ripped through a Hindu temple in Kerala, India, killing over 100 people and injuring hundreds more. Residents of Kollam were celebrating the final day of the Hindu festival of Bhadrakali. Hundreds had gathered at the Puttingal Devi temple to watch the fireworks that signified the end of the festival […]
  • Jesus of the Bible Update!

    Jesus of the Bible Update!

    We have recently heard some encouraging stories from our partners around the world. As you may have heard, we partnered with World Help and donated a crate of furniture to pastors in Cuba. Last year, we did the same thing for a church located in Northern Iraq. Our partner works with Iraqi refugees and operates […]
  • He is Risen!

    He is Risen!

    From the tragic attacks in Brussels and the ongoing conflict in Northern Africa and Syria, this has been a difficult week for many around the world. ISIS seems to be spreading and the recent guilty verdict of Radovan Karadzic, the “Butcher of Bosnia,” reminds the world of a genocide that is eerily similar to the […]
  • This Month on the King is Coming Podcast

    This Month on the King is Coming Podcast

    Have you gotten a chance to listen to The King is Coming Podcast? Every so often, Dr. Hindson sits down with Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor here at World Prophetic Ministry to discuss current events and Bible Prophecy. Here are some of our most recent podcasts:   End-Times Wars In this podcast, Dr. Hindson and Jerry […]
  • Who is Omar al-Shishani

    Who is Omar al-Shishani

    In an attempt to counteract Islamic State’s hold on the region, a US-led coalition of anti-IS groups has been carrying out airstrikes all over Syria. The most recent was carried out near the town of Shaddadi and was targeting ISIS military chief Omar al-Shishani. Formally known as Tarkhan Batirashvili, the Georgian is commonly called “Omar […]

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