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  • A Special Birthday Gift for Dr. Hindson

    A Special Birthday Gift for Dr. Hindson

    Dr. Hindson, our Bible teacher on The King is Coming Telecast, is turning 71 on December 21st and we are asking you to help us celebrate with him! Below is a recent letter from Dr. Hindson explaining how your special birthday gift to World Prophetic Ministry can be used. Dear Friend of the Ministry, We certainly live in exciting times. My […]
  • Prophecy and the War Against Terrorism

    Prophecy and the War Against Terrorism

    The war on terror has been a large part of our world during the last decade, but the events of the last year have made the future of our world seem even more uncertain. Names like ISIS, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, Hamas and other groups have become so familiar, and yet we still do not know […]
  • Prayers for Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad

    Prayers for Paris, Beirut, and Baghdad

    On Friday, November 13th, spectators watched the lively soccer game between France and Germany when suddenly, the sound of a nearby explosion rocked the stadium. The President of France was quickly evacuated and chaos broke loose. What they did not know was that at the same time, similar explosions had occurred all over the city […]
  • Christmas Specials!

    Christmas Specials!

    The Christmas season is one filled with family and fellowship and food, but it is also a season of giving! The greatest gift of all is Jesus! The Old Testament is full of prophecies about the birth of Jesus and His birth was indeed the greatest gift of all time. Jesus, “who, being in very […]
  • Tragedy Over the Sinai Peninsula Could Be an Act of Terror

    Tragedy Over the Sinai Peninsula Could Be an Act of Terror

    “Search the wreckage of the plane and bring forth your black box and analyze it. Show us your expertise and prove that we did not cause the plane to crash.”   On October 31st, a Russian Airbus A321 filled with Russian and Ukrainian tourists departed from Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt and began to make its […]
  • A Thanksgiving Story

    A Thanksgiving Story

    The holidays can be a difficult time for many people. Despite our best intentions, sometimes life simply doesn’t go the way we plan. When bad things happen, it’s hard to be thankful to God. Where is He when times get hard? Jen Barrick was a sweet, shy 15 year old girl. Daughter of Andy and […]
  • Target Israel

    Target Israel

    Since the days of Jacob, the people of Israel have struggled in a world full of turmoil. Nearly every century has brought forth new enemies, new borders, and new socio-political waters to navigate. Despite their size and political infrastructure, no one has been able to completely wipe them out. Recently, the United Nations held the […]
  • Devastating Earthquake Rocks South Asia

    Devastating Earthquake Rocks South Asia

    On Monday, October 26, a devastating earthquake measuring 7.5 in magnitude hit the Afghani province of Badakhshan in the Hindu Kush Mountains. Tremors were felt across Afghanistan and into the neighboring countries of Pakistan, India, Tajikistan, and even China. Abdullah Abdullah, Afghanistan’s chief executive has announced that telecommunications have been disrupted across the country and […]
  • Conflict in Yemen: The Forgotten War

    Conflict in Yemen: The Forgotten War

    It’s almost hard to believe that there was a time when words like “ISIS,” and “airstrike,” and “crisis,” weren’t a part of our everyday vocabulary. With so much turmoil happening across the Middle East, it is hard to know which direction to focus on and some countries have been lost in the shuffle. On Monday, […]
  • Syria – Russia Development

    Syria – Russia Development

    In the episode of The King is Coming Podcast, Jerry Edwards, Executive Pastor at World Prophetic Ministry, sits down with The King is Coming Telecast teacher Dr. Ed Hindson to discuss the recent involvement of Russia in Syria. Dr. Hindson responds to Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu’s comments on the Syrian crisis and explains the religious […]

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